Eko Škoj


Nominated for the award Zlata vrijedan

“Zlata vrijedan” is a competition for the best family farm in Croatia, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Večernji list newspaper.

Each county, as well as the city of Zagreb, was represented by one family farm, while three young farmers were featured in the category Mlada nada (Rising Star). It was an honour to represent our county and attend the closing ceremony on 2 September 2016, held at the Stud Farm Đakovo, where we had the opportunity to meet our interesting, hardworking and dear colleagues.

Večernji list newspaper article on Eko škoj:

The proud winners of the award for the best agritourism in the county

In 2016, the Regional Development Agency DUNEA awarded its first “Zlatna naranča” (Golden Orange) award. Eko škoj, as the first prize winner, is especially proud of this wonderful acknowledgement and motivation it provided for further work and advancement. The award is designed as an incentive, focusing on the quality approach in the management of family farms in the domain of rural tourism. We thank all of you who have recognized, nominated and supported us.

Dubrovački dnevnik article on the winners of Zlatna naranča award:

Renovating and opening our tasting venue in Žrnovo, Barina

In the summer of 2015, we’ve moved into a beautiful stone house, over 200 years old, and began renovating our new tasting venue in Žrnovo, Barina. At the edge of the village, next to the green gardens and the old stone piazza, under a huge nettle tree and lime tree, where Moštra sword dance used to be performed, Eko škoj is preparing a new place for living, socializing, trade and gastronomy, filled with good energy.